Friday, March 18, 2011

Kindle - Top 20 Sports Blog

Just wanted to send out a Big Thank You to my readers regarding my accession on the Kindle Blog Lists. I have been informed that my Marathon Madman blog has moved up to the #20 spot on the Kindle's Blogs in the Sports category. I do realize that it's you that got me there, and I will continue to work to earn your support.

I really appreciate the support from all of you in achieving this. Your questions and input help me make this a better blog, day-by-day, week-by-week. I take my role in supplying you with running news that is timely and informational very seriously. And I plan to continue helping everyone in the running community keep abreast of topics, training plans, products, events, movies, articles and issues that keep us all out on the roads!

Please recommend my blog to all your other running colleagues, and please give me a favorable rating on the Kindle Store where it asks for your opinion in my blog description. I want to keep the price of my blog to a $1 a month, and every additional reader helps keep it there.

Again, Thanx!!!

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