Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Hunger Games"

Just finished a long run listening to the last book (Mockingjay) of the Hunger Games Trilogy. Overall, a great story of (what I guessed were in the) future tales of what our civilization will turn into after a coming World War.

I'm not to going to ruin the story by giving away any spoilers. But the story was very easy to follow through the past two weeks of training and very addictive. It got to the point that I was listening to this on the Nano not only during training but also on all my car trips. Following the adventures of Katniss became an obsession.

If youre looking for a great Audiobook for your next Audible or iTunes selection, you couldnt lose go with the Hunger Games Trilogy - Hunger Games (Book 1), Catching Fire (Book 2), & Mockingjay (Book 3).

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