Monday, March 14, 2011

Easy, Speed, Tempo, and Long Run

Shooting out a quick note this morning for any of you that might have the same question as the one I'm getting on the workout schedule. What speed should I be going for my easy run, speed, tempo and long runs?

If you follow my guide you should be doing this via a percentage of the Maximum Heart Rate. But I know when you are starting something new like this you wonder if you still are going to right speed. If you could let me know what speed you are going for your easy run, ( I could give you a good guide. But lacking that let me share mine with you.

My easy runs are done at 11:00 minute miles. My speed is just under an 8:00 minute mile. My Tempo ends up being between those two at 9-9:15 minutes per mile. My long longs are done at easy pace until the last two miles and I usually end up at something faster than tempo when I finish. Again, this is a quick guide for you to use to see if you are somewhere close to where you should be. You will notice that all four speeds get faster as you get conditioned, but usually not more than a minute a mile over a three month training period.

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