Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week Twelve in Half Marathon Training Plan

You have finally made it to the final week of training for the Half Marathon. This last week will seem almost pedestrian after the last 11 weeks that you've put in. But cutting back this week is the most important thing you can do. In fact, you can pick out one of the four days of running I have listed below and take that off if you are not feeling strong throughout the week (which you should be).

Week Twelve program:

Sunday, Friday - off
Monday, 4 mile Easy Run (under 70% HRM)
Tuesday, 4 miles easy (under 70% HRM)
Wednesday - 5 miles Tempo (80-88% HRM) This you will do by warming up one mile under 70% MHR, then alternate between 2 minutes under 70% HRM and 10 minutes 80-88%, then again between 2 minutes under 70% HRM and 10 minutes 80-88%of your HRM, etc., to a distance of 4.5 miles and then a half mile cool down.

Thursday - 4 miles easy (under 70% HRM)

Saturday – Half Marathon Race Day!

I will have some last minute race tips for you before Saturday in my updates. For now, just remember to drink at least 64 ounces of water each day throughout the week. Don't worry that it's putting water weight on your body frame; you have more risk of dehydration than being water-logged for a race. Remember this especially if your race in going to be in weather that the predicted temperature is 60 degrees or above (like 90 plus percent of races this time of year).

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