Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 4 of Half Marathon Program

Welcome to Week Four of the 12 Week Half Marathon Program.

This week you get rewarded for all of your hard work to date. No Tempo, Speed or Long Runs. Four days of training instead of the 5 day training week. Enjoy the change.

Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday - off
Monday, 6 miles Easy Run (under 70% HRM)

Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday - 5 miles easy (under 70% HRM)

You might be tempted to put in extra miles on your Long Run, but don't. This week is to help your body recover. Again, enjoy the day and miles off.

For those of you that contacted me asking for the total 12 week program, sorry, I've been chasing my tail but will get it out in the next 48 hours to you. Promise. For those of you that want to be copied, you can still contact me at , and I will email an Excel spreadsheet with all of your workouts and schedules for the 12 Week Schedule.

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