Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review of running with an IPhone 4 vs. iPod Touch

Yes, I was one of the lucky ones that picked up the first Verizon iPhones. I am glad that I didn't get there any earlier than 6:30 for a 7 am opening. There was a guy I talked to that had been there since 4 am. Standing in -13 temps for 30 minutes was bad enough, can't imagine being there for 3 hours....

I've been asked about using the iPhone 4 in regards to running and keeping track of distance. There are probably more running apps that you can purchased than I can survey in the 8 months since the iPhone 4 has come out. So I will focus on using it with two of the more popular ones, RunKeeper and Nike Plus.

Both apps work great for running. I like the integration of the iPhone with Nike [playing from your music playlists]. Yet the RunKeeper has the same functionality. Run Keeper also keeps more accurate track of your mileage [yes, I'm aware of the Nike Plus now has a GPS function but my results with that has varied - run-to-run]. RunKeeper also allows you to upload your data without a computer hook up. You maintain your own website that you can easily share with others.

Cons to both: Nike Plus sometimes misses uploading my runs. Not all the time but enough to make me question it as a life long partner to your training. Also, I was surprised that Nike allowed heart rate monitoring with a new Polar Belt with the iPod Nano but didn't with the iPhone. Don't know what the thought process was there but they should had that functionality with all iPod products. As I stated on an earlier blog, I also didn't like that I have a Radio with the Nano but not with the iPod Touch or iPhone 4.

RunKeeper is number one in my evaluation. The app developers are constantly updating the app and are even [as I write this] developing heart rate monitor capabilities with the latest update. They show a lot of dedication to keeping up with all the phones also. I switched to a Droid X in October and found the Droid app very similar to the Apple app. It's nice to have that flexibility and not worry about losing the app. As you already know, I've just left the Droid X for the iPhone 4, but again, the app seemed to work fantastic on both phones.

But I would like to point out my overall view of running with any phone [I will be following up with a review of the Droid X]. Given my choice, I would think that if you are serious about running, the iPod Touch would be a better option for a couple of reasons. One, weight and size. The iPod Touch is lighter and doesn't take up much space.

So if size and weight matter to you, I would suggest the iPod Touch. If you are struggling between the iPod Nano vs. iPod Touch, get the iPod Touch. It's additional functionality pays for itself in the long run.

If its accuracy you are going for, then I would recommend the RunKeeper app with any smart phone that accepts apps. It's fun, accurate, and dependable for keeping track of all your runs throughout the year.

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