Sunday, February 20, 2011

Plan for Week Three of Half Marathon Training

Welcome to Week Three of the 12 Week Half Marathon Program.

So now to the third week's program.

Sunday, Friday - off
Monday, 5 mile Easy Run (under 70% HRM)
Tuesday, Thursday - 4 miles easy (under 70% HRM)
Wednesday - 5 miles Tempo (80-88% HRM) This you will do by warming up one mile under 70% MHR, then alternate between 2 minutes under 70% HRM and 7 minutes 80-88%, then again between 2 minutes under 70% HRM and 7 minutes 80-88%of your HRM, etc., to a distance of 4.5 miles and then a half mile cool down.
Saturday - 10 miles (under 70% first 8 miles, 70-80% last two miles)

You will note that on the Tempo Run, you running for time instead of distance. You should've built up to 7 minutes for a Tempo Workout with the last two weeks as your base. If you haven't guessed it by now, you will be going longer (both time and distance) in future Tempo Workouts.

This week will be testing you. But stay with this, next week is a recovery week. You'll enjoy that when you get there.

For any of you that need a 12 Week Complete Workout please feel free to contact me at , and I will email an Excel spreadsheet with all of your workouts and schedules for the 12 Week Schedule.

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