Monday, January 17, 2011

Running Etiquette

After running the Walt Disney Marathon,i thought it would worth sharing a couple rules of the road to any runners/walkers that may be running/walking in their first race(s).

If walking, move to the side of the road. The middle of the road should be open for any runners following you as a open path. When you stop in the middle of the road, you open yourself to a number of runners either not looking up or talking to another runner, that could cause harm to yourself or the other runner.

If you are walking with a group of other walkers, when you walk on the side of the road, walk in single file [one behind each other]. There is nothing worse for a competitive runner than trying to run around a 'wall'.

When reaching a water table, do not come to a complete stop when you get your water. If you need to be at a stand still when you drink your water, wait until you've past the water table, go to the side of the road, and drink it there. Again, there is the chance mentioned above of another runner slamming into your back if you are stationary and they are moving.

Lastly, be honest with yourself and lineup at the start based on what you truly feel should be your finishing time. It wont be any fun if a number of runners push pass you, or simply just pass you for the first couple of miles in a race. Set a goal of passing more people after you get to the half way point of the race, that passed you up tot that point in the race. Ir's much more encouraging to finish the race that way than feeling that everyone has passed you and you must now try to make up for lost time.

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