Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nike HTM Flyknit

Normally, I have a hard time getting excited about a running shoe before it comes out, but the details behind the new shoe covers by Nike has got my attention. A weight of 160 grams? The idea that a shoe will have both a form (more pliable and flexible) and function (less weight) is something that any runner from the 5K to Ultra Marathoner would love. If this shoe holds up for 3-6 months of training and can cut its previous model’s weight in half, Nike will be selling these like Apple sells iPhones.

I understand that many of our USA’s Athletes are already training in the Nike prototypes. The rest of us have to wait until July to get our hands on the models for running so that Nike can sell these with their sponsorship of the Olympic Games.

For more information, check the attached link:

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