Saturday, June 11, 2011

Running a Marathon in all 50 States

I'm starting to get back my love of the long run back this year. It must be the cooler than normal spring that we've had, but my long runs have been timed mostly in the 50-65 degree weather, which has made the training more enjoyable than I can remember in about ten years.

I ran the Stillwater Marathon 13 days ago and have Grandma's Marathon only 7 days away, yet I'm already planning what marathons to run between Grandma's and Steamtown in October. So I think this qualifies as being bitten by the long run bug.

So it got me to thinking, I've completed 25 of these, mostly in Minnesota but also in 6 other states. Since Steamtown would make it 8 states so far, what would it take to run a marathon in all 50 states?

I ran to and it's been great doing what-if scenarios. I've never done more than 4 in any given year, but again, the long runs have never been so fun.

There is actually a "50 State + DC Marathon Club". You need to complete marathons in 10 states before they will admit you, but at $5, it's a pretty reasonable fee to join. I am a little late getting started, but maybe I can sync my 100th marathon with the 51st state/DC finish?

If any of you can let me know what your favorite marathon in your state, please let me know for my planning. For Minnesota I can tell you, it's either Grandma's in June or Twin Cities in October. Both are in the Top 25 Marathons in most lists and even Top 10 in a few. I love them both, but if you gave me a choice of only one, it would be Grandma's. The whole city (Duluth, MN) rallies around this marathon like it's the Superbowl. And for their location and time of the year - - it is.

My Dad used to say "I thought about running a marathon, but then I sat down, and waited for the feeling to pass." Maybe that will happen with Grandma's next Saturday. But if it doesn't, this could be a summer to remember for me.

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