Saturday, August 14, 2010

Heart Rates on the Treadmill

Running my Tempo Workout on the LifeTime Fitness treadmill this afternoon gave me reason for concern. I appreciate that the LifeFitness treadmill syncs with my Polar HRM but I found a flaw in that function.

While running through the workout, I saw the HRM on the treadmill move up to 175, then to 178, then 180. After stepping off twice to get the rate down, I realized that the HRM number on my watch didn't mat h the HRM number on the treadmill.

It dawned on me that the HRM on the treadmill was linked to something else.

Running next to me on the treadmill, all of a buck 35 in weight, was this 5 foot, 5 inch speedster doing a 5:13 mile (11.5 mph). As soon as he stepped off the treadmill - the HRM on my machine dropped to 135. I then used my Polar watch for the rest of my run.

My point is that the best technology has limits. You should trust how what your body is telling more than any other guide. Using technology as a servant, not a master, is the best use of any technology. The flip side of the use leads you down a path of dependence. As my Dad used to say "if you use crutches long enough, you become a cripple."

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