Friday, January 22, 2010

Building a Base

A question early in your running career is how many miles each week? How quick should I add mileage? Is there any rule that I should go by?

Simply, if you are an experienced runner (60 plus miles a week), you can probably get away with 10% increase per week. But for the rest of us of us mortals, it's 5%.

So, if that's the increase, what about a base to start at? I think any and everyone should be able to do at least 5 miles a week – walking or running. That would be 100 minutes in one week if you walk a 20 minute mile. If you can run a 10 minute mile, that's 50 minutes. So your increase would be an additional increase 5 minutes each week.

A lot of you have at least a 10-15 mile base after a month. So your limit is a half a mile. When you first get started, your tendency is 'more-is-better'. If you plan on making this a lifelong commitment, you're better off ending each week – wanting to do more – not dreading the next week. As a runner that has kept this up 30 plus years, I've found that when I violate this rule, I end up getting an injury – plantar fasciitis, sciatic nerve, knee pain, etc.- abusing the rule lays me up for 3 or more days.


Again, remember the rule – your commitment is to keep moving – running, walking - 3 or more days a week. And to do that, you must not get injured.



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